Stainless steel for springs

Spring materials represent one of our mainstay product lines. We make full use of our precision temper (hardening) rolling technologies and heat treatment technologies to produce stainless steel for springs that meet stringent customer requirements.
Standard:JIS G4313A@ISO 6931-2:2005

Cold-rolled stainless steel

We produce super-thin sheet materials in accordance with the composition and sheet thickness tolerances specified by customers, drawing on our acclaimed rolling technologies to produce cold rolled stainless steel.
@Standard: JIS G4305, ASTM A240/A480

Corrosion & Heat Resistant Super Alloys

We use various grades of corrosion & heat resistant super alloys based on customer specifications. We also select manufacturing methods that are optimized for the characteristics of the steel selected.
@Standard: JIS G4312, G4902, H4551 ASTM B575, B172, B409, B443