As Japan's first specialized manufacturer of stainless-steel cold-rolled strips, NAS Stainless Steel Strip MFG. Co., Ltd. has a long history. Committed to creating original high-value-added technologies, the company makes and sells a wide range of high-precision, high-quality products. Our products offer remarkable shape accuracy and luster and are used not only for conventional applications, but also to produce parts and components for specialized equipment in advanced industrial fields. As a result, our products have won high praise across many different industries. We develop original technologies and have ventured into the fields of super-thin sheet materials and electronic materials. Leveraging our technical expertise and specialized know-how, we continue to develop products that meet the changing needs of the times.


2015/ 1/27 ISO14001 Certification received at all business places by certification expansion.

2013/12 We changed the representative office to the local corporation in Bongkok.

2012/11/ 1 We added information on new high value added Stainress steel NAS 304-K3.

2012/ 8/ 1 We placed photographs of bookmarks courtesy of Yoshizumi-Press Inc. modeling Tokyo Sky Tree Tower made from our stainless steel.

2012/ 8/ 1 We added information on our new high value added NAS 304-K3.

2012/ 4/12 We renewed the link to our group company.

2012/ 4/ 5 We opened English language version of our home page.

2012/ 4/ 2 We opened a representative office in Bangkok, Thailand.

2012/ 3/ 5 We moved our Tokyo office.

2011/ 7/22 We renewed our home page to link to Miyazu Kairiku Unnyu Co., Ltd. home page.

2011/ 6/ 1 We renewed our home page.

Stainless Steel for Etching

NAS 304-SR

Stainless Steels for Electronics Instruments

NAS 301-K3(High Workability)

NAS 304-K2(High Workability)

NAS 304-K3(High Workability)

NAS 304LG(High Workability)

NAS NM17(High Workability)

NAS 304LG(Non Magnetism)

NAS NM15M(Non Magnetism)

NAS NM17(Non Magnetism)

NAS NM15M(High Strength)

NAS 631(Precipitation Hardenability)

Easy Slide(High Slidability)

Automobile Parts

NAS 304LG(Non Magnetic Stainless Steel)

NAS NM15M(Non Magnetic Stainless Steel)

NAS NM17(Non Magnetic Stainless Steel)

NAS 310S(Heat Resistant Stainless Steel)

NAS 600(Heat Resistant Alloy)

NAS 601(Heat Resistant Alloy)

NAS 625(Heat Resistant Alloy)

NAS 800T(Heat Resistant Alloy)

NAS 304LG(Stainless Steel for Pressing)

NAS 310S(Stainless Steel for Pressing)

NAS 301-K3(Stainless Steel for Gaskets)

NAS 310S(Stainless Steel for Gaskets)

NAS 625(Stainless Steel for Gaskets)

Stainless Steel for Welded Material

NAS 304(304T)

Example of a Use of our Materials